Custom commissioned artwork

Custom artwork and designwork available on commissions. Prices listed below are for personal use only and are a base before any extra charges (rush order, complex design, etc) are added. If what you want doesn't fit into one of the categories below, reach out to me and I'll give you a quote.

All Prices are listed in USD and based on single character. Additional characters in same picture are an extra 75-125% of original price.

Terms & Conditions


Payment will be completed in full upon approval of the first draft of the commission. No further work will be done on the commission until payment is made. After this point, your payment is non-refundable. 


I reserve the right to refuse any content or purpose that is offensive, promotes hate, or is derogatory to any person, persons, group, etc in any way. Unless otherwise specified, all commissioned artwork is for personal use only. Non-personal use artwork will have its terms specified in the commission details and are available upon request.


Only minor revisions will be allowed after invoicing. Major revisions may result in additional charges - this will be disclosed to you upon request of any major change. 


Unless otherwise specified, I reserve the right to post all commissioned artwork on any website or social media where I regularly post art. If you don't want this posted (or if it's a gift and you would like me to wait), you must specify. Please also specify if you would like to be tagged or named or not. 

Please credit if you are able, though I realize not all avenues of posting art leave room to credit. So long as you are not claiming or implying that it was drawn by you, I don't require explicit credit to be given but I appreciate if you can. If you post on, I request that you link back to me (ScottySloth), as I have an account there. 

You are free to post anywhere you would like so long as you are not making a profit off of the art itself. Resale of this art is explicitly not allowed, use of art in a paid project can be discussed before purchase and must be referenced in the artwork terms upon payment of invoice. 

You are free to alter the image so long as it is not in a way that is offensive, promotes hate, or is derogatory to any person, persons, group, etc in any way. 

I will provide for you, within 1 calendar year of the commission being done, slightly altered images in the following ways: transparent background, slight color tweaking, alternate color overlays. 


Unless otherwise specified in the price of the commission, you will be given your artwork in a digital PNG file format at original resolution. No other format, either physical or digital, will be provided unless requested or specified and agreed upon otherwise. This will be listed in the invoice. All commissions unless otherwise explicitly stated are digital in nature and no shipping is required or allowed.